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I used the Phallosan Forte (and still do!) and without taking this control whilst waiting 12 months for my XIAFLEX injections, I know my Peyronies would have been much worse.

My Curve decreased 30% using the Phallosan Forte.

I tried various stretching devices but the Phallosan Plus is amazing, I can wear it all day.

Not only psycholgically, I know using the Forte MADE a difference!  I tried other devices but the Phallosan + allows me to take control and be comfortable too, all day long,  I wear it with pride.  Using it combined with my XIAFLEX injections my curve has gone from 60% to 10%.

I'm EXCITED To Share This!


I have had so many messages, take control!  I spent over $1000 various devices, I am excited to share a product that CAN REALLY HELP, emotionally and physically.  To claim your $50 cashback, following your purchase, email with the time and order number and we will confirm